Nicolas Delcombel


After a Classe Préparatoire aux Grandes Ecole, I studied at Ecole Nationale de Cognitique at Bordeaux INP. A school where cognitive science is at the service of engineering. I learned how to design ergonomic interfaces for numerous purposes, from smartphone applications to progiciels. I also learned about neuroscience and cognitive psychology to understand how the human factor impacts a system. I spent my last semester at the Ecole de Technologie Supérieure de Montréal, where I improved my expertise in artificial intelligence and big data. My thesis follows my internship in the Cyber CNI chair where I worked on a prototype aimed at detecting weak signals.

My research

More and more large scale attacks are taking place on ever larger computer networks. In addition, the amount of data to be analyzed increases every year. Interactive visualizations are created to help operators in their network protection tasks. These 2d visualizations are limited, for example in space or in the interactions they offer. Immersive analytics can addresssome of these issues. My thesis focuses more specifically on the detection and management (mitigation, isolation, forensic) of weak signals. From the literature and discussions with our partners, two characteristic points have emerged about these signals: the need for human expertise combined with algorithms, and the disruption of the periodicity of the virus contaminated network

My publications