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High quality locally-based training programmes for a global threat

The Institut Mines-Télécom’s Cyber CNI Chair has developed true expertise, building up a solid international reputation, for its graduate courses in areas such as cyberdefence, risk identification and conflict resolution. The Chaire has established a unique identity in this area, built on its solid partnerships with its local industrial environment.

Between 2014 and 2016, employment opportunities in the field of cybersecurity have multiplied fourfold, and this is just in Brittany! The global demand for cybersecurity experts (consultants, IT system security managers, etc.) has continued to grow apace. The trend is here to stay, with a growing imbalance between market demand for this kind of expertise and the number of IT engineers and technicians available to provide it. This creates a very favourable context, with unprecedented employment and career opportunities for students of the Cyber CNI Chair. The courses provided by the Cyber CNI Chair are unique in combining research and implementation and in promoting cooperation between academics and industry professionals in four particular areas, i.e. Analytics, Metrics, Remediation and  Data management  . This unique combination, and the extensive range of cybersecurity courses offered by the various schools within the Institut Mines-Télécom group, represent real added value for our students. They are guaranteed to acquire the competence and skills that employers are currently desperate to find.

Cybersecurity: Brittany in the vanguard

Brittany is gradually building a solid reputation as Europe’s “Cyber-valley”. This is true in the area of cybersecurity, and even more so in the field of cyberdefence. (Learn more) In December 2013, the Pacte Avenir Bretagne (Development and Innovation Partnership) identified this field as one of the region’s key strategic development areas. The aim was to get all the region’s key academic, government and industrial players to work together to meet three key challenges, in the fields of education, research and economic development and to achieve a balanced development across the whole geographical area, while encouraging better cooperation between the region’s major cities. In operational terms, this led to the creation of the Cyber Excellence Cluster in Rennes in December 2016. The Cyber Excellence Cluster, with a strong local base, was initiated by the Ministry of Defence and supported by Brittany Regional Council (see Map). The figures are particularly impressive: 2 major industrial groups, 383 businesses, 2,000 students trained in or made aware of cybersecurity issues, 47 research units and over 160 research scientists.

The Cyber CNI Chair’s innovative teaching and its leading edge research have given it worldwide recognition and visibility. This outreach and attractiveness have been continuously enhanced by the increasing number of international students that the Chair attracts and the research cooperation that it has developed with other chairs and invited foreign research scientists. The CNI Cybersecurity Chair also provides funding to invite internationally-acclaimed scientific experts for several months.