Research ecosystem

besides our unique set of partners, we are located in the following research ecosystem:

We are one of France’s finest addresses for research in cybersecurity. We are located within the technical university IMT Atlantique at the Rennes campus within the SRCD department. IMT Atlantique is part of the Institut Mines Télécom. Our researchers are affiliated with the IRISA research lab.

IMT: The Institut Mines Télécom (IMT) is France’s biggest association of technical universities. IMT is a public institution dedicated to higher education and research for innovation.
It is a key player in the fusion of science, engineering and digital technology, and takes its schools’ skills into the major fields of transformation in digital technology, industry, energy and the environment as well as their impact on the industry of the future, cities, health, and autonomy. For more info: of-imt/

IMT Atlantique: Internationally recognized, IMT Atlantique’s research positions it as one of the world’s Top 400 Technological Universities. This research, conducted in the fields of digital sciences, engineering sciences, physics and management, fosters the conditions for inter-disciplinary research that is a source of innovation in response to the major challenges facing companies and society. For more info:

IRISA is today one of the largest French research laboratory (more than 850 people) in the field of computer science and information technologies.
Structured into seven scientific departments, the laboratory is a research center of excellence with scientific priorities such as bioinformatics, systems security, new software architectures, virtual reality, big data analysis and artificial intelligence.