A major part of our team with friends at a partner event with EDF in Paris.

The Cyber CNI Chair’s research and teaching staff includes a body of scientists whose work has achieved national and international recognition. They are all experts in cybersecurity and cyberdefence issues and are attached to Thematic Network N°5 (RT5) of the Institut Mines-Télécom, specialising in system and digital service security.

The CNI Cyber Chair also has well-established local and regional connections with Brittany through the close links and dynamics of its relationship with the Cyber Excellence Cluster  and with many other regional academic, industrial and defence sector partners in the region.


Marc-Oliver Pahl


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                                              Former members

                                              • (2016-2021) Alexandre Kabil, PhD student, PostDoc
                                              • (2016-2021) Mariana Segovia-Ferreira, PhD student; continues as PostDoc
                                              • (2020-2021) Stefan Nowak, PhD student
                                              • (2016-2021) Guillaume Ansel, PhD student
                                              • (2016-2020) Edwin Bourget, PhD student
                                              • (2016-2020) Thomas Clédel, PhD student
                                              • (2016-2020) Frédéric Cuppens, Prof. IMT Atlantique, Chairholder
                                              • (2016-2020) Nora Cuppens, Prof. IMT Atlantique
                                              • (2016-2020) Anis BKAKRIA, PhD student, PostDoc
                                              • (2016-2019) Simon Foley, Prof. IMT Atlantique
                                              • Stéphane GRÜNENWALD