CyberCNI testbed

Joint experimentation with our industry partners plays an important role in our research – on both sides, for agile development AND for validating our results!

Marc-Oliver Pahl

Operational Technology (OT) plays an essential role in modern societies. It is pivotal for applications such as water or power supply, healthcare, or transportation. At the same time, OT is often connected to the Internet for enabling remote-control and collaboration. Its societal impact makes OT an attractive attack target. Its connectivity to the Internet significantly increases the attack probability.

For protecting against attacks, it is important to identify and study them. Honeypots enable such studies. However, realistic honeypots are difficult and expensive to setup. They are also inflexible as their setting is typically static. In collaboration with Airbus Cybersecurity, the chaire Cyber CNI currently develops a mixed-interaction honeypot for critical infrastructures. The targeted setup combines physical and virtualized elements that can flexibly be reconfigured. This allows running diverse settings distributed in time or space. The virtualized part allows scaling the experiments. The goal of the Cyber CNI honeypot is enabling the closer study of Information and Operational Technology (IT & OT).

For more details see:

Pahl, Marc-Oliver; Kabil, Alexandre; Bourget, Edwin; Gay, Matthieu; Brun, Paul-Emmanuel, A Mixed-Interaction Critical Infrastructure Honeypot Journal Article, European Cyber Week CAESAR, 2020, Rennes, France, 2020.