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Salim-Amine BOU ARAM is becoming a reviewer for IETF Interne Area Directorate group

Salim-Amine BOU ARAM who has recently joined the chaire as a research engineer has just been recognized as a reviewer for the IETF Internet Area (INT) Directorate group.

The Internet Area Directorate is an active group of experts appointed by the Internet Area Directors. The purpose of the Directorate is to review documents related to the INT area prior to IETF Last Call and provide recommendations on whether they are ready to be forwarded to the IESG. They also review documents from other areas that may impact the INT area and provide assessments to the Area Directors, as well as review documents upon request. Additionally, they perform other tasks related to IETF documents and processes as requested by the INT ADs.

The IETF review teams – such as the Security Directorate (SecDIR), Applications Area Directorate (APPSDIR), or the General Area Review Team (Gen-ART) – have gained a significant role in ensuring that the IETF produces high-quality, understandable and implementable RFCs.

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