Léo Lavaur (PhD Student)


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You can also reach me via the contact form on my page at IMT Atlantique, as well as on Twitter and LinkedIn. I also have a personal website you can check.


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About me

Léo Lavaur

My research

My research is centered on cybersecurity. Through my thesis, I study the applications of federation for detection and mitigation systems, with respect to the confidentiality of the data. After a thorough state-of-the-art, I work on implementing FL–based algorithms to detect and characterize attacks. I simultaneously work on the chair’s test bed, which will host realistic experiments to validate my hypothesis. Our long-term objective is to build a distributed and federated observatory for attack detection, characterization, and mitigation.

Relation between my thesis and the chair’s Test Bed.

My publications


Lavaur, Léo; Costé, Benjamin; Pahl, Marc-Oliver; Busnel, Yann; Autrel, Fabien

Federated Learning as enabler for Collaborative Security between not Fully-Trusting Distributed Parties Inproceedings

In: C&ESAR 2022 - 29th Computer & Electronics Security Application Rendezvous, pp. 1-16, Rennes, France, 2022.

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Lavaur, Leo; Pahl, Marc-Oliver; Busnel, Yann; Autrel, Fabien

The Evolution of Federated Learning-based Intrusion Detection and Mitigation: a Survey Journal Article

In: IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, 2022.

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Lavaur, Leo; Pahl, Marc-Oliver; Busnel, Yann; Autrel, Fabien

Federated Security Approaches for IT and OT Inproceedings

In: pp. 2, 2021.

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