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Optimal Access Control Deployment in NetworkFunction Virtualization

La Chaire CyberCNI a participé au 34e Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS 2022) qui s’est tenu du 25 au 29 avril 2022 à Budapest (Hongrie).

Cet événement qui a rassemblé quelques 180 participants a permis à la chaire de présenter 5 communications dont celle de Manel Smine :

  • NOMS 2022 – Full paper Manel Smine, David Espes, Marc-Oliver Pahl, “Optimal Access Control Deployment in Network Function Virtualization

Félicitations à Manel pour cette communication qui lui a permis de remporter le « Student Travel Grant » de l’IFIP pour la qualité de ses travaux !

Vous pouvez découvrir la totalité de l’article de Manel Smine sur le site de l’IEEE dont voici l’abstract :

Network function virtualization (NFV) yields numerous advantages, specifically the ability to provide a cost-efficient alternative to hardware-based functionalities on software platforms to break the vendor lock-in problem. However, these advantages come at the cost of several security issues. These threats can be leveraged by controlling the information that flows between the different components that compose NFV services. We propose an approach allowing an optimal deployment of access control policies on NFV services. The proposed approach allows to find the best possible trade-offs between the impact in terms of latency resulting from the deployment of the access control policy and the used resources. In contrast to existing approaches, our solution prevents an insider adversary who compromises one or more unknown VNF(s) to go around the access control policy. We experimentally evaluate the return solutions according to the size of the NFV service, the size of the policy to be deployed and the number of physical servers that host the VNF service.
Index Terms—Network Function Virtualization (NFV), access
control policy deployment, optimization.

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