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Chaire Cyber CNI – Cybersecurity for Critical Networked Infrastructures

Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructures Chair Shines at European Cyber Week 2023

[Rennes, 21.11.2023] – The first day of the European Cyber Week 2023 marked a resounding success for the Industrial Research Chair “Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructures” (chaire The event, renowned as one of the most significant cybersecurity gatherings in France and Europe, provided an excellent platform for the chair to showcase its groundbreaking work and foster valuable connections within the industry.

Distinguished guests, including Général de division Aymeric BONNEMAISON, Commandant de la cyberdéfense, Lionel MORIN, Directeur de centre DGA/MI chez DGA, and Nicolas RAZY, Head of Cyber Programmes France, graced our stand with their presence, underscoring the chair’s strategic importance in the field.

The chair’s stand featured compelling presentations on Tuesday, providing attendees with insights into pivotal aspects of cybersecurity:

  • 10:30 Focus on the Chair (Marc-Oliver Pahl): Delving into the chair’s overarching goals and achievements, Professor Marc-Oliver Pahl captivated the audience with a comprehensive overview.
  • 12:30 Focus on Blockchain for Security (Loic Miller): Loic Miller, an expert in blockchain applications for security, shared cutting-edge perspectives on the intersection of these two critical fields.
  • 15:00 Focus on Federated Cybersecurity (Léo Lavaur): Léo Lavaur illuminated the audience with a deep dive into federated cybersecurity, showcasing the chair’s dedication to pioneering collaborative approaches.

The collaborative effort with other cybersecurity chairs of Brittany, co-organized with COMCYBER, further enhanced the chair’s visibility at the European Cyber Week. Additionally, a joint session with the “Chaire Cyber Naval” on Thursday promises to be a highlight, emphasizing the chair’s commitment to cross-disciplinary collaboration in addressing the challenges faced by critical infrastructures.

The chair extends a warm invitation to potential industry partners and stakeholders to engage in meaningful conversations at our stand, fostering collaboration and driving advancements in cybersecurity for critical infrastructures. Together, we can build a resilient and secure future for vital systems.

For more information or to schedule a meeting, please contact:

About the Industrial Research Chair “Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructures”

The chair Cyber CNI is a leading authority in Cybersecurity for Critical Networked Infrastructures. Founded in 2016, it is one of the oldest and currently the largest industrial chair dedicated to cybersecurity in France. The Chair’s current partners are Airbus, BNP Paribas, EDF, SNCF and the Brittany region. The Chair is a member of the Pôle d’Excellence Cyber and plays a very active role in the cyber ecosystem in France and internationally. With a commitment to advancing cybersecurity for critical networked infrastructures, the Cyber CNI chair collaborates with industry leaders, researchers, and experts to drive innovation and address the evolving challenges in the field. Learn more at

About European Cyber Week 2023

The European Cyber Week is a premier cybersecurity event in France and Europe, organized by the Pole d’Excellence Cyber in Rennes. Bringing together industry leaders, experts, and innovators, the event serves as a hub for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the exploration of the latest advancements in cybersecurity. For more information, visit

Marc-Oliver Pahl

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