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Chaire Cyber CNI – Cybersecurity for Critical Networked Infrastructures

We are hiring AI and society experts for working with us on Fake Content generation and detection

You are knowledgable in AI, Large Language Models (LLM), Lutte Informatique d’Influence? You want to make our society better? You want to work on fake content creation and detection? You search for a PostDoc? Then apply!

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Job description

IMT Atlantique

Internationally recognized generalist engineering school of the IMT (Institut Mines-Télécom), leading French engineering school (Technological University), IMT Atlantique aims to support transitions, train responsible engineers, and use scientific excellence to serve teaching, research and innovation.

As part of the Cybersecurity of Critical National Infrastructures industrial research chair, we are recruiting a post-doctoral student to work on the “Generation and detection of Fake News and their impact on cybersecurity – Lutte Informatique d’influence (L2I)” project in our Network Systems, Cybersecurity and Digital Law Department.

At a time when information travels at the speed of light and trust is constantly being undermined, the proliferation of fake news poses a profound threat to the fabric of society.

  • The societal impact of the Fake News research focus cannot be overstated. By combating the erosion of trust and amplifying the voice of truth in an increasingly volatile digital landscape, we are strengthening the resilience of our networked critical infrastructures and supporting the fundamental principles of democracy, informed consent and social cohesion.
  • The research focus on fake news comprises three essential pillars: generation, detection and prevention.
  • First, we delve into the intricacies of fake news production, understanding the underlying mechanisms and technologies that enable their creation. By comprehensively analyzing the tactics employed by malicious actors, we aim to anticipate and counter their efforts, thwarting the spread of fake news before it takes root.
  • Secondly, we focus on developing robust detection methodologies. Drawing on cutting-edge techniques in machine learning, natural language processing and network analysis, we strive to identify and categorize fake news with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. By giving digital platforms and users the tools to discern truth from falsehood, we strengthen our collective defenses against manipulation and deception.
  • Finally, we are dedicated to proactive prevention strategies aimed at inoculating our information ecosystem against the spread of fake news. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and engagement with stakeholders in academia, industry and government, we seek to implement robust frameworks and protocols that promote transparency, accountability and authenticity in online discourse.

You will play a key role in advancing the field of cybersecurity by advancing the state of the art in fake news. You will research and develop tools for the use, production, detection and prevention of fake news. You will co-manage the research areas concerned, and work closely with industrial partners such as Airbus, BNP Paribas, EDF and SNCF, within the Cybersecurity for Critical National Infrastructures industrial chair.

In addition, you’ll have the possibility to involve in teaching, and mentoring students.

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Job requirements

You have knowledge of cybersecurity, natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning.

You know how to develop functional applications and implement prototypes.

You enjoy working in a multi-disciplinary team, and you know how to collaborate with experts in various fields and with industrial partners.

You have excellent writing skills and are able to communicate both orally and in writing in English. Knowledge of French would be an asset.

The required profile will hold a PhD obtained less than 3 years prior to the date of hire in cybersecurity or a related field, with solid academic experience.

If you don’t have all the skills but are keen to acquire them quickly, please indicate this and apply anyway. The most important aspect is personal motivation and the ability to tackle new subjects in this exciting field.


  • Friendly working environment in a dynamic team
  • Stimulating innovation ecosystem (startups, students, research, companies)
  • Collaboration with leading research organizations
  • Collaboration with industry


  • On-site canteen
  • Leisure and sports activities
  • Public transport paid for
  • Sustainable mobility package (for carpooling or cycling)
  • Family allowance
  • Wide range of social benefits
  • Part-time teleworking possible
Marc-Oliver Pahl

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