Chaire Cyber CNI

Chaire Cyber CNI – Cybersecurity for Critical Networked Infrastructures

Chaire CyberCNI @EDF Paris (21.9.2021)

On Sep 21, 2021, we had the pleasure to visit our partner EDF in Paris Palaiseau! Together with Youssef Larouchi from EDF, we organized a full day with presentations, demos, and a visit in the EDF lab. The day ended with the COOP of the chair where, among others, we discussed new topics for phase 3.

We had excellent discussions with the EDF researchers and enjoyed a fantastic tour of the EDF lab. There, the guide presented us many of EDF’s projects, ranging from environmentally friendly projects to artificial intelligence-based projects. And we got to know COBOT, the friendliest robot you’ll ever meet. 

Program of the day

10h00 Youssef LAAROUCHI : Welcome

10h10 Marc-Oliver PAHL : La chaire

10h30 Léo LAVAUR, T9 : Federated learning for defending Cyber-Attacks

10h50 Awaleh HOUSSEIN MERANEH, T1 : Automated learning and handling of Cyber-Physical Attacks

11h10 Julius BÜNGER : Keeping software in massive IoT installations up-to-date

11h30 Hassan CHAITOU, T4 : Optimisation du risque de sécurité pour l’apprentissage sur données de qualité hétérogène

11h50 Mariana SEGOVIA, Post-Doc 1 : Switch-based Resilient Control of Cyber-Physical Systems

12h10 Nicolas DELCOMBEL, T2 : Cyber Sécurité en Réalité Virtuelle

12h30 Anthony David, Immersive Cybersecurity

12h50 Marc-Oliver Pahl : Cyber CNI testbed

13h00 Demo Augmented Reality for Cybersecurity (Nicolas, Anthony)

Marc-Oliver Pahl

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