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Young Security Conference 2021 : Panel “Cyber security & Digital policies”

On July 13, 2021, our Chaire Cyber CNI chairholder Marc-Oliver Pahl had the pleasure to be invited as panelist at the Young Security Conference in the context of the Munich Security Conference.

He participated in the panel “15h30 – 17h30: Afternoon Session III: Cyber security & Digital policies”. The panel was very interesting, discussing cyber security from a multi-disciplinary point of view.

Click on the image to watch the recording.

The YSC 2021 takes place at the Amerikahaus in Munich in a hybrid format, meaning all sessions will be streamed live and workshops will be held online.

The panel will was moderated by Moritz Floessler, Deputy Director, EuropaNova Germany. The panellists were:

  • Guillaume Klossa, Founder and Honorary President, EuropaNova
  • Dr. Marc-Oliver Pahl, Research Director and Professor, IMT Atlantique
  • Dr. André Barrinha, Senior Lecturer, University of Bath
  • Dr. Vira Ratsiborynska, Professor, Vesalius College Brussels

Young Security Conference

The Young Security Conference (YSC) is a long-term scientific, innovative and participatory project. It aims at connecting young thinkers with policy experts and academic scholars in a dialogue about the future of European security and defense. It combines a flagship conference with a strategic fellowship program. The YSC is a unique initiative that stands out for its participatory and innovative character. The aim is to bring together young talents and experts for two days and to formulate concrete policy proposals on the future of European security and defense policy. More information and conference program:


EuropaNova Germany, BayFrance and the Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung for Freedom in Munich Partners and Supporters: Amerikahaus – Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations, KFIBS, La Fabrique Défense, OFAJ DFJW, MEIA Research, GloHSA, Universität der Bundeswehr München, Université Clermont Auvergne, Université franco-allemande, Bayerisch-Französisches Hochschulzentrum, Les Jeunes de L’IHEDN, Academia, European Liberal Forum, Institut français München, Thomas Dehler Stiftung, Friedrich Naumann Stiftung,

Marc-Oliver Pahl

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