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Chaire Cyber CNI – Cybersecurity for Critical Networked Infrastructures

[T36] Dynamic Cybersecurity Risk Management with Responsible AI Practice  for Enhancing Security and Resilience of Digital Infrastructure – Shareeful Islam

🚀 Join us on July 26th at 2:00 PM CET for an insightful talk by Dr. Shareeful Islam on “Dynamic Cybersecurity Risk Management with Responsible AI Practice.” Discover how hybrid AI models can enhance security and resilience of digital infrastructures. Don’t miss the interactive discussion! #CyberSecurity #AI #RiskManagement

[T35] Formally verifying security properties of cyber-physical systems – Mikael Asplund

📢 Join Us for an Engaging Cybersecurity Talk! 🚀

We are thrilled to welcome Mikael Asplund from Linköping University for an insightful talk on “Formally Verifying Security Properties of Cyber-Physical Systems.” Discover the critical importance of rigorous development methods in our increasingly connected world and how formal methods can enhance the security of networked systems.

🗓 Date: Friday, June 28th, 2024
🕑 Time: 2:00 PM CET

The talk will cover:
🔹 Challenges and opportunities in using formal methods for cyber-physical systems
🔹 Translating high-level security requirements into low-level implementations
🔹 Real-world examples and ongoing challenges

Following the 45-minute presentation, engage directly with Mikael in a lively 45-minute discussion. Bring your questions and ideas to this interactive session and be part of the conversation shaping the future of cyber-physical security!

📍 Join the live discussion and be part of the change!

Don’t miss out – mark your calendars and be ready for an enlightening and interactive experience!

#CyberSecurity #CyberPhysicalSystems #FormalMethods #TechTalk #LiveDiscussion #EngageWithExperts

Horizon Europe CyberSecDome progressing in Rennes

Exciting developments at IMT Atlantique as we welcome Mohammad Hamad from TU München for a two-week collaboration on our Horizon Europe CyberSecDome project! 🌐 Combining AI and VR, we’re revolutionizing cybersecurity to predict and respond to threats in real-time. Join us on this groundbreaking journey! #Cybersecurity #HorizonEurope #AI #VR #Collaboration

CyberCTF – A Reusable French-German Capture The Flag Platform Including Demonstrational Cybersecurity Teaching Elements

🔒 Exciting News in Cybersecurity Education! 🔒

Discover the collaborative journey of the CyberCTF project, revolutionizing cybersecurity education! Mohammad Hamad from TUM and Marc-Oliver Pahl from IMT Atlantique lead the charge, refining the CyberCTF platform and exploring collaborations with local Hacklantique organizers. Don’t miss this glimpse into the future of cybersecurity education! [insert link] #Cybersecurity #Education #Innovation

Securing Autonomous and Connected Vehicles: Cybersecurity Challenges, Mohammad Hamad (TUM)

🔒 Excited to share insights from Mohammad Hamad’s talk on “Securing Autonomous and Connected Vehicles: Cybersecurity Challenges” at IMT Atlantique! Learn about innovative solutions and collaborative projects tackling cybersecurity threats in the automotive industry. #Cybersecurity #AutonomousVehicles #ConnectedVehicles #Research #TechTalk

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