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Chaire Cyber CNI – Cybersecurity for Critical Networked Infrastructures

Expert panel “Cybersecurity – Readjusting Institutional Strategy and the Role of AI”

On June 3rd, 2022, our chairholder Marc-Oliver Pahl participated in the expert panel, “Cybersecurity – Readjusting Institutional Strategy and the Role of AI,” at the Young Security Conference ( in Munich.

The Young Security Conference (YSC) is an independent, intergenerational, and inclusive project. Its main objective is to connect young thinkers with policy experts and leading scholars in the field of European foreign and security policy. The YSC combines an annual flagship conference with a strategic fellowship programme.

The cybersecurity panelists around “Cybersecurity – Readjusting Institutional Strategy and the Role of AI” were Marc-Oliver Pahl, Professor and Chairholder at IMT Atlantique and Chaire Cyber CNI, Sasha Borovik, General Counsel at Helsing, and Joachim Posegga, Professor and Chair of IT Security at Universität Passau. Moritz Flössler, Co-Founder of EuropaNova Germany, moderated the panel. The panel was organized in cooperation with Bundesverband für Sicherheitspolitik an Hochschulen (BSH).

The panel focused on current topics and threats of the cybersecurity field, including AI, the war in Ucraine, false information and deep fakes, and quantum computing. Have a look at the video to follow the discussion:

About the 3rd Young Security Conference

The Young Security Conference 2022 took place on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 June 2022 at the Amerikahaus, Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations in Munich, Germany.

The third edition of the Young Security Conference (YSC) offers once again a unique blend of intriguing panel discussions open to the public, as well as exclusive workshops as part of our YSC Fellowship Programme.

Driven by thought-provoking policy debates between distinguished experts and young professionals, the goal of this conference is to set the stage for an inclusive, intergenerational, and independent dialogue about the future of European foreign and security policy.

We welcome audiences from all backgrounds to engage with us in vital questions about the security of the European continent and whether we reached a new era – the end of promises.

This conference is supported by the Franco-German University and the Franco-German Youth Office.

About the chair Cybersecurity of Critical Networked Infrastructures (

The Cyber CNI Chair at IMT Atlantique is devoted to research, innovation, and teaching in the field of the cybersecurity of critical infrastructures, including industrial processes, financial systems, building automation, energy networks, water treatment plants, transportation. 

The chair covers the full stack from sensors and actuators and their signals over industrial control systems, distributed services at the edge or cloud, to user interfaces with collaborative Mixed Reality, and security policies.

The chair currently hosts 6+3 PhD students, 1+3 PostDocs, 11 Professors, 1+1 engineers, and 1 internship student. The chair runs a large testbed that enables applied research together with the industry partners. The industry partners of the current third funding round are Airbus, Amossys, BNP Paribas, EDF, and SNCF.

The chaire is located in Brittany, France. Brittany is the cybersecurity region number 1 in France. The chair Cyber CNI is strongly embedded in the cybersecurity ecosystem through its partnerships with the Pôle d’Excellence Cyber (PEC) and the Brittany Region. The chair provides a unique environment for cybersecurity research with lots of development possibilities.

Marc-Oliver Pahl

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