Chaire Cyber CNI

Chaire Cyber CNI – Cybersecurity for Critical Networked Infrastructures

Visit from Paris!

The chaire Cybersécurité des Infrastructures Critiques unites researchers and students from IMT Atlantique, Télécom Paris, and Télécom Sudparis. At the beginning of June, Thomas Robert and Luis Soreiro from our Télécom Paris part came over to Rennes to present their current research. We had a very nice discussion around software supply chain and the dependency management within. We are already looking forward to the next exchange rounds!

Luis is a PhD student of the third wave of the chaire. He is working on the topic “CodeLedger – tracking the provenance of software source components.”

About IMT Atlantique

Our mission is to welcome and support the future generation of engineers  ̶  those who aspire to live and develop professionally in a different way. All the indicators point to this desire in tomorrow’s engineers, and we understand.

This generation has questions about the role it will play in a world that is under attack, mistreated, weakened environmentally, politically and societally, and at the same time filled with advanced technologies, artificial intelligence and virtual realities.
This generation is preparing to transform this future!

Throughout your studies at IMT Atlantique, you will acquire the skills that will enable you to embark on a promising career but also to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow: global warming, reindustrialization, a more inclusive society, etc. 

As a technological university for the Ministry of Industry and Digital Technologies, IMT Atlantique combines digital, energy and environmental technologies to meet these challenges.

The research work carried out in the school’s laboratories aims to bring together excellence in expertise and interdisciplinarity in order to provide concrete answers to the problems we all face.

About Télécom Sudparis

Nos formations sont sélectives et de qualité, interdisciplinaires et adossées à une recherche rigoureuse. L’expérimentation est au cœur de notre démarche et notre école est un laboratoire, développant l’imagination et l’esprit entrepreneurial, et qui permet de tester des idées, des projets et des solutions dans une logique ouverte.

Nos talents sont des spécialistes du numérique, et développent la recherche et l’innovation, selon une approche héritée du modèle « d’ingénieurs à la française » : couvrant à la fois les technologies, les aspects de modélisation et théoriques, jusqu’aux solutions pratiques, aux usages et à leur impact sur la société.

Marc-Oliver Pahl

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