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GFA TRUE-VIEW Project successfully kicked off

On Oct 30, 2020 we had a very successful kickoff of the TRUE-VIEW project funded by the German-French Academy for the Industry of the Future (GFA).

The TRUE-VIEW project is making ambient data flows such as data exchange between a certain sensor and a certain App visible with the help of Mixed Reality. By doing so, what is hidden in the ambiance will become perceivable to humans, and possible to investigate, analyze, understand, and form an opinion about.

The major content of the kickoff was getting to know each other. The project combines expertise in CyberSecurity (IMT group Pahl; TUM group Eckert), Augmented Reality (IMT group Duval; TUM group klinker; INRIA group Lecuyer), and applications (Fraunhofer Tippmann). Each partner made short presentations about their research topics, abilities and objectives for this project.

From IMT Atlantique Marc-Oliver Pahl (Cyber CNI, Lab-STICC/IRIS), Guillaume Moreau (currently EC Nantes soon IMT Atlantique, Lab-STICC/INUIT), Thierry Duval (Cyber CNI, Lab-STICC/INUIT), Alexandre Kabil (Cyber CNI, Lab-STICC/INUIT). From TUM Gudrun Klinker (TUM FAR), Claudia Eckert (TUM I20), Mohammad Reza Norouzian (TUM I20) and Fabian Kilger (TUM I20). From INRIA-IRISA Ferran Arguelaguet (HYBRID Team) and Florian Nouviale (HYBRID Team). Volker Tippmann from Fraunhofer Gesellschaft could unluckily not make it to the kickoff.

We are very happy to work with such great partners for the upcoming 9 months! One of the goals of the project is creating pilots. So more news and videos to come 🙂

A goal of the GFA seed funding is creating a funding proposal with a bigger consortium. If you are interested to learn more about the project, or to join the consortium, please reach out. 

Marc-Oliver Pahl

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