Chaire Cyber CNI

Chaire Cyber CNI – Cybersecurity for Critical Networked Infrastructures

[RU1/21] Hassan CHAITOU, Optimizing security risk learning on data in presence of heterogenity

Hassan CHAITOU is at the chaire since March 2020 and is followed by Airbus, Amossys, BNP Parisbas and EDF.

The idea of the security game is to make explicit the levers that the attacker may control to achieve his objectives and the countermeasures accessible to the defense. This work then determines which configurations are possible in terms of countermeasures deployed and risk incurred a priori.Assume that the game’s equilibrium can be determined. In such scenario, a strategy for implementing countermeasures that optimize (minimizes) risk-taking can be defined.We propose that existing research on this topic be continued : the general goal of this thesis is to design efficient and resilient classifiers in the presence of heterogeneous data using a non-cooperative game theory analysis.

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