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Exchange with the Supply Chain and Logistics Institute of Georgia Institute of Technology

Beginning of May 2023, our chairholder Marc-Oliver Pahl visited the Supply Chain and Logistics Institute of Georgia Institute of Technology. Marc-Oliver presented the chair, its activities, and partners to the interested researchers leading to many interesting discussions. The exchange was very interesting and may lead to future collaborations in multiple dimensions.

About the Georgia Tech Supply Chain and Logistics Institute (SCL)

The Georgia Tech Supply Chain and Logistics Institute (SCL) is the largest supply chain and logistics leadership institute in the world providing comprehensive research, education, and outreach programs. For more than thirty years, SCL has been a world leader across a broad range of supply chain and logistics domains.

With more than sixty participating faculty, including seven chaired professors and three members of the National Academy of Engineering. SCL continues a traditional emphasis on practice-focused education and research facilitated by a high level of industry collaboration. In addition to master’s and PhD programs in Supply Chain Engineering, we offer more than twenty professional education courses attended by more than five hundred supply chain professionals each year. We have eight major research centers that span from traditional areas such as warehousing and transportation to emerging areas such as humanitarian and healthcare logistics.

About Georgia Tech

The Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the nation’s top public research universities with nearly 40,000 students who study in person at the main campus in Atlanta, at Georgia Tech-Lorraine in France, at Georgia Tech-Shenzhen in China, as well as through distance and online learning.

Marc-Oliver Pahl

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