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Chaire Cyber CNI – Cybersecurity for Critical Networked Infrastructures

Pitching at the Siemens Research and Innovation Ecosystem (RIE) event in Munich

On March 27, 2023, at the Siemens Research and Innovation Ecosystem (Siemens RIE) “Digitalization & Low Code Engineering in Industry” our chairholder Marc-Oliver Pahl pitched our works on the Metaverse and Cybersecurity. We see the Metaverse as the ideal subject for cybersecurity research today. It combines the complexity of distributed collaborative systems with new opportunities for interfacing between human cybersecurity pilots and the algorithms securing today’s IT and OT.

Prof. Marc-Oliver gave a pitch in the academic part of the event, focusing on the low code aspects of our approaches. He also demonstrated our current pilots, developed by the chaire PhD student Anthony David in collaboration with PhD student Nicolas Delcombel and Prof. Thierry Duval.

Marc-Oliver emphasized the role of the industry partners in the chair, and the ecosystem of the German-French Academy of the Future (GFA) for this groundbreaking work in a topic that slowly starts taking off.

The event fostered lots of interesting exchanges that may lead to new future joint projects like our recently won EU project, or even new partners at the chaire. If you are interested in the topic, do not hesitate to get in contact with us!

About the Siemens RIE Munich Conference “Digitalization & Low Code Engineering in Industry”

You find more on the event on its website.

The second Siemens Research and Innovation Ecosystem (Siemens RIE) Munich conference will take place on March 27th, 2023, at the Munich Urban Co-Lab. The focus of the conference is on “Digitalization & Low Code Engineering in Industry“. In the morning, keynotes, presentations of hackathon results and startup and research pitches from partners of the Munich ecosystem are planned. After lunch, interested participants can visit our demonstrator and prototype room as well as join a UTUM MakerSpace tour. The UTUM MakerSpace tour is limited to 60 people – first come, first served!


09:10am: Welcome from Prof. G. Kramer (TUM) 

                  and Dr. N. Gaus (Siemens)

09:30am: Keynote

                   1. Dr. P. Robl: 3D-model-based work and Low

                       Code Engineering for Additive-


                       and Quality on the shop-floor


                   2. Prof. D. Burschka: Challenges in Coupling

                       of Multimodal Sensor Data to Robot



10:45am: Research and Innovation Pitches: 


                   – Prof. M. Broy: Model-based Advanced

                     Systems Engineering


                   – Dian Balta: Platform Engineering: Low code,

                     high trust? 


                   – Prof. T. Seidl: Low Code and Machine



                   – Prof. M.-O. Pahl: Making use of the

                     Metaverse for increasing CyberSecurity:

                     Immersive Data Analytics 

                     IMT-Atlantique   and
                     GFA for the Industry of the Future

                   – BGCE Class of 2022: Energy++ – An Intuitive

                     System for Improving Building Efficiency 

              Startups and Companies:                   

                   – L. Karimi: Changing the way robots are


                     Olive Robotics

                   – L. Oberaigner and F. Fesch: How

                     environmental data will become part of

                     every decision – Climate Intelligence for



                   – J. Dorn and D. Locatelli: Feasibility of

                     Sustainable Construction

                     Urban Scale Timber                    

                   – M. Pantano:  Empowerment of SMEs using

                     human centered automation


                   – Isha Salania: Azure Open AI usecase for


                   – Domenico Botta and Kemal Gider:


                   – Wai Man Li:

                     Low Code – Key to the Composable


                   – Dr. A. Engelsberger: How to scale your

                     innovation capabilities

                     OMIND platform GmbH

12:00pm: Results of the Digitalization & Low Code

                  Engineering in (Construction) Industry


01:00pm: Lunch

02:00pm: Networking:

                    – Visit of demonstrators and prototypes

                    – UTUM MakerSpace tour (please

                       register here!) First come, first served!

Marc-Oliver Pahl

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