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Innovative Approaches in Anomaly Detection: Insights from the EPITA and IMT Atlantique Seminar

On June 21, 2024, a full-day research exchange seminar was held at the Campus Cyber in Paris, focusing on anomaly detection in cybersecurity. This collaborative event featured participants from EPITA, led by Professor Pierre Parrend, and IMT Atlantique, led by Professor Marc-Oliver Pahl. Approximately 20 students attended the seminar, contributing to the vibrant academic discussions.

Participating Researchers from IMT Atlantique Cyber CNI Chaire

  • Mathis Durand
  • Hugo Bourreau
  • Mohammed Mezaouli

Presentations Overview

The seminar featured several insightful presentations on various aspects of anomaly detection in cybersecurity. Below is a detailed list of the presenters, their affiliated institutions, and the titles of their presentations:

  1. Khaoula Sghaeir (EPITA)
    • Title: Software Defined Vehicles: Applications, Attacks and Solutions
  2. Mathis Durand (IMT Atlantique)
    • Title: Honeynets for increasing cybersecurity for cyber-physical systems
  3. Côme Frappé Vialatoux (Université de Strasbourg/EPITA)
    • Title: Estimation of distribution for anomaly detection in Water Distribution Networks
  4. Fatemeh Stodt (Université de Strasbourg)
    • Title: Advancing Network Survivability and Reliability: Integrating XAI-Enhanced Autoencoders and LDA for Effective Detection of Unknown Attacks
  5. Floribert Katembo Vuseghesa (Uni. Lyon II)
    • Title: Node compromising detection to avoid poisoning attacks in IoT networks
  6. Hugo Bourreau (IMT Atlantique)
    • Title: Digital Twins for attack and defense
  7. Clarisse Boinay (Université de Lille)
    • Title: Détection des anomalies et des ruptures dans des graphs asynchrones dynamiques contextuels avec applications en cybersécurité OT
  8. Julien Michel (Université de Strasbourg/EPITA)
    • Title: Graph-based Feature engineering for Threat Attack Detection
  9. Majed Jaber (Université de Strasbourg/EPITA)
    • Title: Graph-Based Spectral Analysis for Detecting Cyber Attacks
  10. Maya Mouhamad (EPITA)
    • Title: Predicting network intrusions using federated and interpretable anomaly learning
  11. Mohammed Mezaouli (IMT Atlantique)
    • Title: Real-time AI Based Power Assisted Malware Predictor
  12. Tristan Bilot (Université Paris-Saclay)
    • Title: Graph Neural Networks for Intrusion Detection

Seminar Highlights

The seminar was marked by engaging and insightful discussions on the presented topics. Each presentation contributed to a deeper understanding of the various techniques and challenges in anomaly detection within the field of cybersecurity. The collaborative environment fostered meaningful exchanges of ideas and potential solutions to common problems faced by researchers and practitioners.


The seminar was deemed highly successful by all participants. The diverse range of topics and the expertise of the presenters provided a comprehensive overview of current research trends and innovative approaches in anomaly detection. The event underscored the importance of continued collaboration and knowledge exchange between institutions. The format and organization of the seminar were praised, leading to a unanimous agreement on the need to repeat such events in the future.

Overall, the seminar not only advanced the participants’ understanding of anomaly detection in cybersecurity but also strengthened the collaborative ties between EPITA and IMT Atlantique.

Marc-Oliver Pahl

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