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Our chairholder Marc-Oliver Pahl contributed an article to the whitebook around the “Lutte Contre les Manipulations de l’information”, “Fight against false information” of the Pôle d’Excellence Cyber (PEC). Since October 2022 we were working on this book about this highly relevant and timely topic. More than 30 people worked together under the lead of Jean-Luc Gibernon and Jean-Philippe Riant.

Abstract of Marc-Oliver Pahl article on “Identity theft through Deep Fakes in the Metaverse”

Virtual reality (VR) interfaces have the potential to revolutionize a whole range of fields, from telecommunications telecommunications, remote control and immersive immersive analysis. Deep fakes”, synthetic media created created with the help of artificial intelligence, pose a major threat to the integrity and reliability and reliability of VR-based applications. The increasing sophistication of deep fakes makes them difficult to detect and can lead to the manipulation image and sound signals. This has implications for VR-based remote control interfaces, where the where the authenticity and reliability of information and are essential. This article explores the potential risks of deep fakes for VR-based remote
VR-based remote control interfaces and highlights the need for the need for robust detection methods.

Marc-Oliver Pahl

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