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Welcome Mathis Durand!

We are very happy to welcome our new PhD student Mathis Durand at the chair! We did a small interview with Mathis for getting to know him better. Enjoy reading it!

CyberCNI: Tell us a bit more about your professional background: where did you study, which were your interests?

Mathis : I studied at ISEN Yncréa Ouest (Nantes) where I completed a one-year internship in security governance at Capgemini. Security governance consists of establishing all rules about the management of the System of information and mitigation of incidents and ensuring that rules are applied.

CyberCNI: Great. Regarding your new adventures at the chair, what will you be focusing on?

Mathis : I will focus on automated security answers. The quantity of AI-based attacks is rising therefore we need a proper method to detect, analyze, and answer to this new way of attack. Therefore I will study Digital Twins and the use of Honeynets to decoy attackers and offer the ability to document new vulnerabilities or attacks.

CyberCNI: Very interesting! Could you tell us a bit more about practical applications of your work? How does your research improve the world?

Mathis : In practice, my work should be deployed to help Cyber-Physical Systems handle and analyze new threats. It has applications in industry and research since my work aims to improve company security or risk awareness and in research because it will help teams study new methods of attacks.

CyberCNI: Nice! What strength do you bring to work on this topic?

Mathis : Through my work I documented solutions about cybersecurity issues and I hope I am able to formulate research question and bring development to build a qualified answer. Also, I did some awareness about security in company and I believe I can use this experience to help people understanding basics around cybersecurity.

CyberCNI: Cool! What are you looking forward to the most for your upcoming exciting time with the chair?

Mathis : Collecting data to improve one’s knowledge and building a system that answers a critical question drive my work. During my Ph.D. I am looking to deepen my knowledge about securing systems of information.

CyberCNI: Thank you so much! We wish you all the best and a wonderful time at the chaire!

Marc-Oliver Pahl

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