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Securing Autonomous and Connected Vehicles: Cybersecurity Challenges, Mohammad Hamad (TUM)

We were delighted to host Mohammad Hamad from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) for an insightful talk on the cybersecurity challenges associated with autonomous and connected vehicles. Mohammad, who leads the research group “Security for IoT and Automotive Systems” at TUM, brought forth valuable perspectives on safeguarding these sophisticated systems amidst evolving technological landscapes.

As modern vehicles embrace autonomy and connectivity, they offer unparalleled efficiency, safety, and environmental benefits. However, the integration of advanced technology and artificial intelligence also exposes them to diverse cybersecurity threats. Mohammad highlighted the escalating frequency and severity of these attacks, emphasizing the critical need for effective security measures.

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Throughout the presentation, Mohammad shed light on the intricate security challenges inherent in autonomous and connected vehicles. He eloquently discussed the nuances of securing embedded systems, navigating distributed architectures, and fortifying autonomous capabilities against potential cyber intrusions.

Of particular note were the research projects Mohammad introduced—DTACK and CyberCTF—funded by the German-French Academy for the Industry of the Future (GFA). These initiatives underscored collaborative efforts to address cybersecurity concerns in automotive domains. Additionally, Mohammad elaborated on the EU Horizon Europe project, CyberSecDome, highlighting its significance in advancing cybersecurity within the automotive sector.

The event garnered significant interest, with approximately 40 attendees both on-site and online, engaging actively with Mohammad’s insights. His wealth of experience and expertise in autonomous vehicle security resonated well with participants, sparking stimulating discussions on innovative solutions and proactive cybersecurity strategies.

In conclusion, Mohammad’s talk provided a comprehensive overview of the multifaceted challenges facing the automotive industry in the realm of cybersecurity. It underscored the imperative for interdisciplinary collaboration and continuous innovation to ensure the resilience and integrity of autonomous and connected vehicles in an increasingly digital landscape.

We extend our gratitude to Mohammad Hamad for his enlightening presentation and look forward to further collaborations in addressing cybersecurity challenges in critical national infrastructures.

Stay tuned for more engaging discussions and events at IMT Atlantique’s Cybersecurity for Critical National Infrastructures (CyberCNI) chair and the SOTERN research team of the UMR IRISA!

Marc-Oliver Pahl

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