Chaire Cyber CNI

Chaire Cyber CNI – Cybersecurity for Critical Networked Infrastructures

Visiting the big crisis management exercise at the ENSIBS

Being part of the wonderful cybersecurity ecosystem in Brittany, we visited the ENSIBS and their excellent cybersecurity crisis management exercise. We used the visit not only to get impressed but also to make contact with potential future PhDs and PostDocs at the chaire, and of course to discuss joint research and teaching. Thanks a lot for the invitation!

Final year student project – Autoprotection : éthique VS agents autonomes et algorithmes

The chair is also active in teaching. The final year student project “Autoprotection : éthique VS agents autonomes et algorithmes” looks at an important aspect of our technology-dependent world: ethical aspects of autonomous functionality. Good examples are self-driving / autonomous cars, building automation, or production sites. Maintaining and increasing cybersecurity are a key goals for autonomous functionality. Enjoy the video of the intermediate presentation with the current results! (in French)

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